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Atchafalaya Basin Protection Levee E-40 Levee Enlargement, 2nd Lift

Atchafalaya Basin Protection Levee

Atchafalaya Basin Protection Levee

Contract #: W912P8-10-C-0025

Contract Amount: $7,857,398.00

Scope of Work: The work consists of levee enlargement, clearing and grubbing, fertilizing, seeding and mulching; levee crown ramps, and access road surfacing.

Lake Pontchartrain & Vicinity, LPV04.2b, Reach 1B from I-310 to Walker Drainage Structure Levee

Reach 1B from I-310 to Walker
Reach 1B from I-310 to Walker


Contract #: W912P8-09-D-0045 Task Order 0005

Contract Amount: $7,968,555.00

Scope of Work:   The work consists of raising an existing levee to elevation 16 feet from I-310 to the Walker Almedia Drainage Structure.

Bridge Abutment and Floodwall Tie-ins at Causeway Blvd. Pile Load Tests

Causeway Pile Load Test

Causeway Pile Load Test

Contract # W912P8-09-D-0045-0004

Contract Amount: $1,077,753.00

Scope of Work: The work on this project consist of driving steel “H” piles, 16” and 24” prestressed concrete piles, vibration monitoring, reaction piles, compression and tension load test, temporary access road and fertilizing and seeding

Orleans Village to LA HWY 45 Westwego to Harvey Canal Levee Phase 2, First Lift

IMG_0868Contract #: W912P8-09-D-0045 Task Order No. 0003

Contract Amount: $11,058,474.00

Scope of Work: The work on this project consists of clearing and grubbing, compacted embankment fill, geotextile, earthen ramps, truck wash racks, demolition of floodwall, seeding and mulching.

Estelle Pump Station and Vicinity Flood Walls

IMG_0942Contract # W912P8-09-D-0045, Task Order No. 0002

Contract Amount: $20,574,776.03

Scope of Contract: The work on this project consists of the installation of a truck wash rack, silt fence, clearing and grubbing, cutting existing sheet pile, removing grouted rip rap, temporary retaining structures, temporary flood protection, degrading existing levees, structural excavation, installation of government furnished sheet piles, “H” Pile installation, reinforced concrete floodwall, swing gate, embankment and structural fill, geotextile, crushed stone installation, concrete scour protection, steel dolphins, seeding and mulching, video photography.

Westbank & Vicinity Hurricane Protection Project, Company Canal Interim Barge Closure, Barge Modifications & Channel Siltation

IMG_0652Contract #: W912P8-09-C-0064

Contract Amount: $1,516,900.00

Scope of Contract:  Work consists of dewatering, dredging and installation of stormwater drainage pump and trash pumps.

Davis Pond Freshwater Diversion, Cyprus Lumber Canal and Lake Cataouatche

CIMG0143Contract # W912P8-09-C-0058

Contract Amount: $2,017,117.00

Scope of Contract: Work is to include: work consists of clearing and grubbing, selective demolition, Geotextile installation, crushed stone construction, concrete scour protection, constructing embankment, degrading of the existing levee and construction of a new sheet pile.

Fisher School Protection Levee and Floodwall, Back Levee

Lake CataoutacheContract #: W912P8-07-C-0004

Contract Amount: $6,515,820.50

Scope of Contract: Constructed levee embankment and berms by placement of embankment to design grade and section, construction of temporary access roads with surfacing material, modifications to utilities, sheet piles, fertilizing, seeding & mulching.

Lake Cataouatche Segnette State Park Floodwall

2008-01 399Contract #: W912-P8-06-D-0095-0008

Contract Amount: $7,922,917.42

Scope of Contract: Clearing & grubbing, demolition, installation of geotexile, placement of crushed stone, excavation, embankment, fertilizing, seeding and mulching. Install silt and safety fence, embankment compaction curves, and truck wash down racks. Install and modify 16” discharge pipes, manholes, fire hydrants, water line, electrical modifications, driving of sheet piling and unreinforced scour protection.

New Coating System for Hydraulic Pipes

17TH STREET CANAL 12-30-08 001-1Contract #: W912P8-09-C-0001

Contract Amount: $1,972,867.00

Scope of Contract: Hydro blasted, painted, identified and applied directional arrows of all hydraulic, ventilation, and fuel lines.

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